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I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio.  What a great place to be raised.  After graduating from High School, I went to a small college in southern Indiana, Hanover College.  I graduated in 1965 with a major in math and economics.  My first job after graduating was with NCR in Dayton, Ohio.  There I started my computer career as a programmer where I saw my first computer.  Most kids today are touching them before they are one.

16 months later, I joined the Army in 1966 after receiving a letter from President Johnson.  I quickly enlisted to insure I was would go to Signal Corps Officers Candidate School.  After graduating from OCS, I was assigned to the Pentagon as a data processing officer.  This great assignment was due to by previous job as a programmer.    

I did a lot of traveling to Germany, Vietnam, Hawaii, Okinawa, and within the US training  Army personnel on our new personnel computer system that was used by all the Army Divisions.  It was such a great assignment.  I had some of the most rewarding years of my life and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  

Now for Jeremiah, my 11 year old grandson.  He was born in Rogers, Arkansas and is home-schooled.  Jeremiah lives 20 minutes away and loves woodworking.  Several years ago, we started making Bluebird Houses and progressed into building Rustic Wooden American Flags.  How lucky I am to have him as my partner.

Our flags are different from most because the stars and emblems are carved into the wood, not painted.  This is what makes them special along with our quality workmanship.  We quickly realized that people loved them so much that they wanted one of their own.  This has become a fun grandfather and grandson small business.  

Click here to see all of our flags.  We also do custom flags, too.  To find out more about them, click here.

Jeremiah Lowe using a brad nailer with his grandfather supervising.  He is learning  woodworking skills.  Our rustic wooden flags are high quality heirlooms.

Jeremiah Lowe securing flag stripes and Union  along with high quality glue.  They are well made.

This is our beautiful rustic wooden Marine Corps flag. The stars and the Marine Corps'  Eagle, Globe, & Anchor emblem care carved into the wood along with the stars. This is our beautiful semper fi flag and our number one seller.

We love building these beautiful American Rustic Wooden Flags (36" x 19.5") here in Bella Vista, Arkansas.  When my Grandson, Jeremiah, and I built our first rustic wooden American flag for his father, I knew we had something special.  It was so beautiful and well done.  Our flags are made with pine, not plywood, and made here in the good old USA!  These beautiful wooden flags take between 7 to 8 hours to build and sell quickly. Once you place an order, we provide an estimated delivery date.

Here is a brief overview of the build process: 

We buy pinewood, cut and rip a 1" x 12" x 10' into flag stripes.  Then we burn, stain, and glue the stripes and the Union together using the best glue on the market.  We keep the flag in our wood presses for 18-24 hours, along with nailed supporting back braces, that are also glued to the back of the flag.  Next we put a clear protective coating on the front of the flag and let it dry for 24 hours.  Finally we add a strong hanger system so when you buy the flag, it is ready to be hung.  

Many Customers consider our flags as heirlooms.  See what our Customers say about our rustic wooden flags.

Our business grew via word of mouth, Facebook, and then through our website. We are making them as fast as we can, and they take about 7 hours to build. They are made  in my home in Bella Vista, Arkansas which is in Northwest Arkansas (NWA), near Bentonville (home of Walmart) and Rogers.

We burn the wooden flags with a propane torch, no two flags are alike. The burnt stripes can appear differently even from the same board.  Jeremiah loves doing the burning and does a great job and  is a big help.  Most of all, I love working with him on these beautiful wooden flags. I am a lucky man to have this experience.

Our rustic wooden flags are 3 feet wide and 19.5 inches tall and are very well constructed. They are designed to be displayed inside but can be placed outside in a protected environment. Just watch them closely so they are not damaged.

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Don and Jeremiah Lowe

Bella Vista, Arkansas


11 year old grandson is my partner.  We build these beautiful rustic wooden flags in Bella Vista, Arkansas.  Made in the U.S.A.

11 year old grandson is my partner.  We build these beautiful rustic wooden flags in Bella Vista, Arkansas.  Made in the U.S.A.

JEREMIAH burning flag stripes

My Grandson, Jeremiah, does a great job burning stripes and building beautiful rustic wooden flags.   He loves working with his hands and learning new skills.  How lucky can a grandfather get? 

50 star beautiful rustic wooden American Flag.  Stars and emblems are carved into the wood, not painted.  Built by www.aBeautifulFlag.com.  Our flags are handbuilt heirlooms!  We also do custom flags.

My 4 year Grandson, Creek, is a future rustic wooden flag builder.

northwest Arkansas newspaper article - 8/13/19

A rustic wooden American flag with carved stars.  Photo is my 11 year old grandson, Jeremiah, who is my partner.  He burns the flag stripes wood and stains them. 

Jeremiah Lowe holding a flag he built.

Nice article about our business, A Beautiful Flag.  Don Lowe and Jeremiah Lowe building a rustic wooden police flag with a Thin Blue Line.  We also do custom police flags with the officer's badge carved into the wood.  A very personal gift.

Very nice article!

Don Lowe with our number one selling rustic wooden flag, Marine Corps flag with the stars and emblem, Eagle, Anchor, & Globe (EAG), carved into the wood.  This is our SEMPER FI Flag.  This flag is a must for all Marines!

Don Lowe, Vietnam Veteran, holding  a Marine Corps flag recently completed.

We build a rustic wooden American flag with Police Thin Blue Line.  We do combination flags, too, i.e. military emblem with a blue thin line.  Photo shows Don and Jeremiah during the flag building process in Bella Vista, Arkansas.  We are next to Bentonville, Arkansas which is the home of WalMart.

The start of the flag build assembly.

We use a brad nailer and glue to attach the four back braces onto the flag.   Each stripe is glued together and so is the Union.  Our flags are high quality and become heirlooms.  The stars and emblems are carved into the wood.

Jeremiah Lowe helping his grandfather nail the support braces on back of flag.

Don Lowe removing excessive glue from a rustic wooden flag with carved stars and emblems. We go that extra step to produce high quality handmade rustic wooden flags.  This is another rustic wooden flag on its way to being an heirloom.

Don removing a little excess glue.


Beautiful rustic wooden 50 Star American Flag with carved stars and emblem.

We donated our first rustic wooden flag to Bella Vista's American Legion Commander, Brad Kennell.  This flag hangs in their entrance way.

A Beautiful Flag donated  to Bella Vista American Legion with carved stars.

We donated a 2nd Rustic Wood Flag to Bella Vista's American Legion Commander, Dave Nieman.  They plan on raffling this flag to raise money for their post.

We donated a Red Thin Line rustic wooden flag with carved stars & emblem to Bella Vista Fire Depart.

 We donated this Rustic Wooden Red Thin Line Flag to Bella Vista 's Fire Chief, Steve Sims.

We donated a rustic wooden Police Blue Thin Line flag with carved stars to Bella Vista Police Department.

We donated this Rustic Wooden Thin Blue Line Flag to Bella Vista's Police Chief, James Graves.  

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