Wooden Navy Chaplains flag by Vietnam Vet and Grandson.  Handmade in Bella Vista, Arkansas.

Blake & his daughter shown here with his Navy Chaplain Flag

Flag resides in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

"Blake said his flag was beautiful.  This was exceptional work."

It was a custom flag with the Navy Chaplain emblem and stars carved into the wood.  Since the artwork has been done, It is now available to other Navy Chaplains at the standard price.

Wooden Navy Seabees flag by Vietnam Vet and Grandson.  Handmade in Bella Vista, Arkansas.

Navy Seabees flag

Emily bought this flag for her Father.  Her husband, Todd, picked up the flag and said, it’s beautiful. Great craftsmanship. When Emily saw it, she said it looks great!  I am sure he will love it.

Custom Wooden Fayetteville Police flag with officer's badge carved into the wood.

Flag at Fayetteville, Arkansas police Station

Chief Mike Reynolds and Officer Natalie Eucce, Stephen’s partner, holding the flag.

This flag was donated to the Fayetteville Police Department in memory of Stephen Carr by Jay & Lindsay Wilson, owners of Ozark Candy Kitchen in Bella Vista.  Stephen's actual badge was carved into the wood.  

Lindsay said that they were humbled,. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, it was beautiful craftsmanship.


Wooden Betsy Ross flag made by Vietnam Vet and Grandson.  Handmade in Bella Vista, Arkansas.


Very nicely done.  Beautiful finish.

Kenny W.


Wooden Army 82 Airborne flag made by Vietnam Vet and Grandson.  Handmade in Bella Vista, Arkansas.

82nd Airborne flag IN BELLA VISTA

I just love it. My husband will love it.

Carolyn C.

Navy Submarine wooden flag with the emblem and stars carved into the wood.


"A huge 'Thank You!  I love it!!'  Don Lowe and his grandson with "A Beautiful Flag."  The quality & craftsmanship of the flag is just perfect.  Also finished with strong ready to hang wire.  Painted & stained beautifully!  The stars and Navy Submarine emblem is flawlessly carved.  A gift for my husband, I can't wait to give it to him!"

Julie-ann Nemeth


My husband loved it!! Thank you again Don!

50 Star Rustic American wooden flag with carved stars

50 star rustic wooden flag in bella vista, arkansas

"I love that this is a grandfather and grandson business operation and that the flags are made to order."

Deb West


Betsy Ross flag in CORONADO, California

The flag shipped in excellent condition, it was wrapped in bubble wrap and protected nicely.  The flag looks beautiful!!  Great craftsmanship and very stunning!  Highly recommend to others!

-- Amber Truax

Marine Corps rustic flag

Marine corps semper fi flag in bentonville, arkansas

"My son in law gave me the flag as a gift for Christmas this year and I absolutely love it. I have several Marine Corps photos and other flags, but I have to say this is undoubtedly my favorite. The quality of workmanship and design is awesome. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a special gift for a current or former Marine that they contact you.

Thank You,

Lolan Mackey"

Rustic Air Force wooden flag


Couldn’t LOVE my Air Force/US flag more!!! The design and craftsmanship are outstanding, you can tell they really care. My husband got it for me as a Christmas gift & he said Don was great to work with!  Can’t wait too get it on the wall. 

- Nancy Milligan

Lt Colonel USAF (Retired)

Rustic Betsy Ross 13 Flag built by Vietnam Vet and Grandson

Betsy Ross Flag in Virginia

Thanks so much for the flag.  It's perfect!  And it will always occupy a prominent place in our house.

Doug L., Retired Navy Commander

RETIRED US NAVY DIVER - Northwest Arkansas

Rustic wooden Navy Flag built by Vietnam Vet and Grandson

I love this flag.  Thank you for the fine craftsmanship!

Ben D.

Retired Navy Diver

Rustic wooden Navy Flag built by Vietnam Vet and Grandson

Navy Flag displayed beautifully at Ben's home.  

Rustic Marine Corps "Semper Fi" Flag built by Vietnam Vet and Grandson. Emblem carved into the wood.

Marine Corps & 50 Start Flags in Rogers, AR

Thank you for doing such beautiful American flags in woodwork.

I loved what I saw online, and was not disappointed when I saw them ‘real’. 

Your attention to detail, the cut-in stars and The Marine insignia, all are exactly what I had envisioned. 

There are a lot of Marines in this our family. This one will go to my sisters’ family. Her husband, his father, his son, grandson & nephew are all Marines.

I’m delighted by the quality of the flags; NOT a painted piece of plywood. Yes, it’s a good return of cost v value. 🇺🇸.

Thank you again Don. 


P.S.  An update:    

I got one with the Marine insignia.  My brother in law loves it... very proud to display.  My regular flag gets many compliments.  Thank you Don & your grandson for the quality work and beautiful designs.

Beautiful wooden US Army Signal Corps Flag built by a Vietnam Vet and Grandson



"a constant reminder of the love I share with many for America" 

Flag displayed with Len Robinson, owner, of WPAX 1240 AM STEREO - THE MUSIC OF YOUR LIFE & WTUF 106.3 FM - CLASSIC COUNTRY Office.  What an Honor!  This flag is hanging in one of the oldest radio stations in the nation.    

Len Robinson

Vietnam Veteran  

Beautiful wooden US Army Signal Corps Flag built by a Vietnam Vet and Grandson.

Signal Corps Flag in Gloucester, Massachusetts

This American Flag with the army branch inscribed in the stars is a beautiful addition to our home. My wife and i love it.  The workmanship is perfect and other family members who are very skilled in woodworking remarked on the excellent quality of the work. I am proud to have served, and love “flying the flag” here in our home.

Douglas Keith

Vietnam Veteran


We have donated flags to active military personnel, including a Navy Seal Chief Petty Officer and an Air Force Lieutenant, along with two Vietnam Veterans and a Coast Guard Veteran.  

We also donated wooden flags to our local Bella Vista American Legion post, the Bella Vista Fire Department, and the Bella Vista Police Department.  We are sharing our success and plan to continue as our business grows. 


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