Wooden rustic customized police or fire & rescue wooden flag.  We love making these quality rustic flags.

We now offer personalized custom rustic wooden flags.

From a photo you supply we can have just about any graphic carved into the Union portion of the flag, such as a badge or patch.  Of course, for police, it would have a Blue Thin Line and a Red Thin Line for Fire & Rescue. The carved image makes your flag very personal.  If you need help doing this, just call 479-616-6000, we will be glad to assist.

Here is how you do it.  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! 

  1. Take a photo of your badge or patch at your highest resolution straight on with plain background.  This also applies to any graphic you want carver into the Union area of a wooden flag.
  2. Attach your image to an email and send it to us at  If you already have a graphic image, just send it to us.  We will evaluate your image  and let you know if it is acceptable.  There is no charge for us to evaluate your photo.  We want you to be happy with your order.
  3. The payment amount will then be provided and you decide if you want to proceed. We guarantee 100% Satisfaction!
  4. Finally, we will carve your image into the Union (star area) and make it a  personalized treasured gift similar to the one shown above.  This can take 2-3 weeks.

The Fire & Rescue flags are always done in subdued format to avoid three red stripes being next to each other.  The Police  Blue Thin Line flags are also usually done in subdued format.  If we can use an image previously done for someone else in that unit, there will be no added artwork / design fee.  If not, there will be a $34 fee.  So the custom price will be either $165 or $199.

You can always call us (479-616-6000) to discuss your desired customized rustic wooden flag.